Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are constantly growing. If you don't see your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our FAQs are drawn from not only our own experience, but from questions posed by our customers.

Absolutely. We can install a central system that has a wide configuration of speakers in different areas, whether it's a sunroom, a side patio, or the kitchen. We can also devise systems that have different zones (perhaps you want to listen to the latest jazz from New York, while a family member wants New Age in another room).

The Soundwave is expert at this. We can help you with selecting the best equipment (and decide on a base format, such as whether to us a television or projection system). We can also guide you with other important considerations which many people do not realize can make a big difference. One example of this includes using the best video connections available as well as high-quality cables, all properly matched to the capabilities of the equipment involved. Other considerations, like using HDMI connections for proper high-definition, 1080p capable Blu-ray players and gaming consoles, and important as well. There are some excellent alternatives when the equipment dictates it, like component video and S-video, both of which we can help you understand. These are just a few examples of where enlisting experts can make a huge difference in how your system will perform.

We sell only high-quality, top-flight name-brand products. Regarding equipment, you can rest assured that any products we provide are fully warranted by the obviously reputable manufacturers among our brands. Regarding support, our staff is second to none in dedication, knowledge, experience and a commitment to respectful customer service. We will help with your purchase and installation each step of the way.

Our staff is comprised of knowledgeable professionals, each with multiple years of hands-on A/V experience and a true love of quality audio and video systems (and, therein, they are music and movie lovers, just like you). Our staff can dialogue with you about your needs and then help you make excellent choices, whether it's a stand alone equipment system or an installed system (within a home theatre installation, for instance).

We can help you by analyzing the space you have, and help you select a multi-speaker system, crucial to how true surround sound works. In some cases, a pre-matched system may be very suitable, and we can always help with our top-flight professional installation. In other cases, however, for best performance a custom surround sound system that we design for you is the ultimate solution. A custom-assembled system allows greater flexibility, and the ability to "fine tune" (no pun intended) how the components work together and perform in the whole environment. A custom system may may take more time and expertise to design and install, but it is absolutely guaranteed to provide an incredible entertainment experience.